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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM

Don't Go, Just Stay With Me

(Dogwood Daughter)
November 4, 2012
Martha Maria

The grass is turning yellow

The sumac's berry red

Geese ride the wind in arrows

The ground is cold and wet


These chilly rains of autumn

They always turn to sleet

It's time to build a fire

Don't go, just stay with me



Don't go, just stay with me

The cold is creeping in

You can stay all winter

We both could use a friend

Don't go, just stay with me

At least thru winter storms

It's cold and grey outside

We can keep each other warm


That old pear tree in the back yard

Looks sad without it's leaves

It's getting dark so early

The wind is sounding mean


You don't need to say you love me

I won't ask you to pretend

And I know that you'd be with her

Except that she's with him



Tag: Don't go, just stay with me  ( fade)