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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM

Rain Doggie

(Dogwood Daughter)
Martha Maria



One afternoon, I took my dog, Sweetie, for a walk after a big rain storm.  The sun was bright and everything looked washed and clean.  Sweetie was splashing in the puddles and having so much fun.  I started singing this little song to myself.  I didn't think much of...had no intention of recording or doing anything with it.  But while I was cooking supper, I continued singing it and my husband, Bob, said, "That's a good song."  "Really?" I asked.  After supper, I went out to the studio and worked on a little and came up with this.  And funny, it's turned out to be one of my favorites.  

Rain doggie, raindrops on your back make a

Rain doggie, sparkle in the sun

Rain doggie, in your coat of diamonds

Trying to catch a rainbow

When the storm is done


Splashing in the puddles

Sniffing in the grass

Lead me by your nose

We'll both get nowhere fast


Stop and watch a bunny

Hopping thru the ferns

You don't know how to hunt

You should would like to learn


Lapping dirty water

Doesn't rain taste good?

Isn't it delightful

Squishing in the mud?

Every time I'm with you

We have so much fun

You're my bestest  friend

I guess this must be love


Repeat 1st verse


You sparkle in the sun

Rain doggie's having fun


Copyright 2010 Martha Maria (Dancing Rabbit Music)