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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM

The Cricket's Song

(Dogwood Daughter)
May 6, 2011
Martha Maria

What to say about this song?  I wrote it in 2008, when my mother was deep into Alzheimer's.  She lived for 13 years after her Alzheimer's diagnosis.  It was a very long goodbye.  

One night, I was listening to a cricket just behind the wall of our bedroom.  He was singing so loudly and persistently, it seemed as if he were singing his heart out. When I was a little girl, there were many crickets in our back yard, and even on the back porch, under the trees in the summer.  I remembered better times, sitting out on the porch with my mother, surrounded by cricket song.  

Like the cricket in my song, I do wonder why everything must die and when I sing my mother's story, I feel like I might cry.  


Cricket sings behind the wall

And he chirps his ancient story

It's the one his mother sang

And my mother heard before me


It's a story without end

In a voice that's very small

It's a song that transcends time

There's a thread that binds us all



Cricket sing behind the wall

I'll listen all night long

There's a chill now in the air

And the leaves are almost gone

Tell me, do you ever wonder

Why everything must die

When you sing your mother's story

Do you feel like you might cry


Cricket teach your children well

To sing behind the wall

And I'll teach my children well

To listen for their call


Repeat first two graphs



copyright 2008 Martha Maria,