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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM

Uncharted Wonderland

(Dogwood Daughter)
May 12, 2011
Martha Maria

Uncharted Wonderland

Mystery and promise
An uncharted wonderland
Love's an exploration
An adventure with no map

Discovery and passion
On a voyage to the unknown
We can launch this ship together
Hold my hand, come on, let's go


To a wonderland
Uncharted wonderland
A new world that we'll create
From the love we share and make
There are no guarantees
But I'll take my chance with you
I'll trust you with my heart
My soul and body too
I'll love you in more ways
Than I've ever loved a man
In a wonderland
Uncharted wonderland

Repeat first two verses

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          Uncharted wonderland

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