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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM


(Dogwood Daughter)
December 18, 2011
Martha Maria

I wrote this song in 2006.  I was one of the chaperones on a school trip.  We went to Six Flags Over Georgia, which is an amusement park.  I didn't feel very well and I found a place to sit down and just watch the crowd go by.  It was a fascinating place to people watch.  I had a paper and pencil in my purse.  I got them out and started writing.




Relentless, relentless, the drivel that I speak

Relentless, relentless, the drivel that I think

Relentless, relentless, the treadmill that I'm on

Relentless, relentless, no consciousness beyond


Entertainment and distraction

Roller coasters and ipods

Bloated bellies overflowing

Road to Hell is very broad


Rats that win the rat race

Still wear whiskers and have claws

They're just the sleekest, fattest rats

Cause to the top they've gnawed


They think they live in Happy Land

They look down from their peaks

But rodent minds don't understand

It's just another heap



Find your perfect place, you rats

Find it in the mall

Masters of the Universe

You can have it all


Cellphones, flip lops, droopy pants

Tattoos and Titan jerseys

Fiddle Nero, fiddle on

The whole world can't be burning