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Dogwood Daughter: THE LISTENING ROOM

The Last Twilight

(Dogwood Daughter)
February 12, 2011
Martha Maria

I wrote this and posted it on Facebook.  The next morning I was messaged by my friend Raj who told me he had shared it on his Astronomy Group page and had watched it go 'viral' in Europe over night.  

The Last Twilight


In the last twilight

Of once Eden earth

Let us bear witness

Each one in his turn


Sift through the ashes

Of all that's destroyed 

And witness the twilight

Of man's final voyage


There's nothing new

Not under the sun

No place left to raid

The conquest is done


No more new worlds

They've all be explored

Exploited, polluted

And tortured by war


While people of faith

Uncertain or none 

Sense that the twilight

Of mankind has come


Repeat 1st two verses


Sometimes I wonder

Why I and my friends

Were born in the Twilight

To witness the end