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Dogwood Daughter: MY PHOTO GALLERY

Me, in my studio, April 18, 2014.  Taken while sitting at my computer.

Me (Martha Maria)

I took this little series of photos one night in April (2011) in my studio, sitting in front of my computer..
The iMac has wonderful 'effects' in the iPhoto application.
One of those effects is a cloud filled sky as background.
The effect is heavenly, don't you think?

Appalachian Spring, East Tennessee

My wonderful old dog, Sweetie, who accompanied me on my walk this morning.  She waited patiently while I took pictures of flowers and, of course, her.
My mother called these flowers narcissus. These are in another neighbor's yard.  I have some that are similar, but are white petaled with orange centers.
A Lenten Rose, from the back.  I liked the way the sun was shining through the petals.
White flowering tree in my neighbor's yard.  I didn't even see the little bug hanging to the furled leaf at the top when I snapped the picture.
Peach tree blossom in my yard.  it's still a very cool spring.  I hope the fruit trees don't get nipped by frost!  Still getting cold at night, even though it's April 2.

Little Lord Kitten in My Garden, March 9, 2013

This is the original Little Lord Kitten.  Little Lord Kitten is the latest audio book for Lily Cat Music for Kids, not published yet, but SOON!
The woods  next to the house, through the eyes of a strawberry jar
Crocuses at the foot of planter.
I bought this some years back from Peg Heddleston, a local artist.  Peg was best known  for her church banners, but was also a potter and basket maker.  Peg died a few years ago.  Me untamed?  I HOPE so!
A forgotten and half buried yard ornament.  I think the weathering only makes things prettier.
The woods, through an opening between a couple of pillars on the wall
Little Lord Kitten (not his real name, my son named him Mr. Darling when he got him at age four. )  But Mr. Darling thinks his name is just 'Kitty.'
A refugee from Halloween
Kitty showing me his magnificent tail.  (I'm a rock stacker....had to be.  From the time I was in the 2nd grade,  my father made me work in the yard, picking and stacking rocks.)

Appalachian Christmas, Norris, Tennessee, Museum of Appalachia

Mr. Southerland, Norris, Tennessee
Santa's Reindeer on the lawn.
This is either Bambi or Sparky...I can't tell them apart.
With Bambi in front of the cabin where he lives.
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