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Dogwood Daughter: MY PHOTO GALLERY

The native gifts of the season: pine cones, juniper and holly berries and cedar.
I think native Tennessee cedar trees make the most beautiful Christmas trees.   More than any other trees, I think the cedar and dogwood define E. Tennessee.
A friendly beast.
This fellow posed for me.
Another goat at home with Mr. Southerland.
Parting shot and time to say goodbye.

Montreal, October 2013

Heading to the Museum in Montreal
Beautiful Buildings - I had been looking at modern art all week and it affected my photographic eye for the whole vacation.
Bird in the Water
Beautiful light fixtures outside the modern art museum
Watching the fountain
I saw several people holding similar signs on the streets of Montreal.  I
The Breath Right nap pods.  You could crawl inside and take a 30 minute nap.  Great idea.
Here I am sitting in my nap pod.  They even had a coat check to hang up your coat before going in.
The interior of the pod - mattress and pillow.
In a park on the way back to the hotel
Buildings close to Modern Art Museum
On the outside wall of the museum.
A band setting up in a store window.

France, November 2012

Across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral, Sunday morning, right after Mass.  The little girl has bread crumbs on her hat.
Shot of the Rhone River at dusk in Arles, France.
The Roman Coliseum at Arles.  It is still used for bull fighting.
This young man was our bike taxi driver in Paris.  He was very charming and nice.  Told me he was originally from Madrid.
You can see the ferris wheel in the distance, through the arch.  The wheel is only there during the holiday season.  Saturday morning in November.  The weather was gray, damp and chilly.
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