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Spirit Songs

Spirit Songs was my first spiritual project and is based on "A Course in Miracles."  Some years back (and before I had very good recording equipment...the audio is not nearly as good on this as my later projects), my friend Margi asked me to accompany her to an "A Course in Miracles" study group. (I had studied the Course in the 1980's.)  While I was there, a woman said, "I wish we had a rap or something, to help remember this."  And really, it was like a little bell went off in my head and I heard a voice say, "I can do that."  I didn't give it much thought, but the next morning, I was sitting in the Kroger parking lot when the first 'Miracle' song started coming to me.  I went home and recorded it.  It was as if the project was enchanted.  I finished the whole thing in about two weeks.  I sold the cd to members of Margi's group and then put it aside.  But a couple of years ago, I read something on Oprah's e-letter about how some projects choose you instead of you choosing them....and I heard that little bell again.  And the voice said, "Spirit Songs."  So, I had the project mastered by the great Randall Merryman in Nashville, and made some more cds.  You can purchase both physical CDs and digital downloads at the CD Baby link above....or at iTunes. 


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