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Dogwood Daughter: SPIRIT QUEST BLOG

A Summer Morning and Night

Posted on July 17, 2019 with 1 comment

I had every intention of mastering some old recordings and getting them ready for release. Really I did, but then, the muse called and weak as I am, I broke down and composed... just a little.

You see, my trouble is, I love to compose.  In the right mood, I'm okay with recording.  But I always loathe the grunt work required for internet distributors (you know, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and a gazillion others.) There's nothing creative about it; it's just tedious data entry.  I hate it. 

And, it is with regret that I report I haven't changed much since my father's pithy observation when I was a teenager:

"Martha, you know what your trouble is.  Your trouble is you want everything to be sound and color." 

Yes, Daddy, you were right fifty years ago and you would still be right today.  That being said, I'll do better tomorrow; I'll roll up my sleeves and get busy with all that data entry.  Shoot! I might even do it tonight.


In the meantime, here's a little two piece suite for piano that I did last night and this morning (when I was supposed to REALLY be working.)  I made this a freebie, free listening and download both for personal use.  Please, no commercial use.


Be well and good luck,

Martha Maria

Susie Williams Taylor

July 17, 2019

WoW .... I’m so happy you decided to “play” instead of “work”....this is a beautiful melody and sure has a lot of potential use....You have such a wonderful outlet for your energies!