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Dogwood Daughter: SPIRIT QUEST BLOG

Joyful Noise

Posted on August 3, 2019 with 5 comments



                           The deep green woods where we live. 



Poised at the rim of the deep green woods, I stand under rain wet leaves.  With feet planted in loamy black soil, I listen, mesmerized by the pulsing wall of katydid song that rises and falls in a delirious hymn to life.  With big rain drops plopping on my head, I follow the flight of a drab brown wren as she flits from limb to limb, fluting her own bright melody above the katydids’ din, like a homely little prima donna warbling her aria over a raucous chorus.  

An audience of one, I linger, puzzling over these everyday miracles:  How do a million or more katydids manage to sing as one, rising and falling in unison?  Who or what is their conductor?  And how is it possible for a wren to sing so loud?  The volume of such a tiny creature’s voice, powered by an even tinier set of lungs, is a wonder.  And finally, do animals sing solely by instinct, or do they, like me, also sing for joy? 


As I stand, rapt, at the edge of the woods, my heart flutters behind the bony cage of my ribs and seemingly soars with the joyful noise emanating from the trees.  Surely, I think, this exuberant summer song is nothing less than an ecstatic canticle.  


Ah, if only I could compose music like that!   







Banging on the garbage can lid, I shriek at the doe, her gait casual and slow, as she high steps through the ravine.  Half way down, she stops, turns her head and looks at me.


Fixing her eyes directly on mine, she lifts her snowy white tail and takes a good long pee, as if to say:

"Piss off, old woman!  Every tomato, flower, bush and tree you plant on this place belongs to me.  Everything here is mine to eat!"



If you find anything you like on my little website, please share Dogwood Daughter with someone else.  I'm an indie artist with no advertising other than word of mouth from kind folks like you.  Thank you.


Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria


Madeleine Kennedy

August 10, 2019

Aah Martha, that was a lovely thing to read. Thank you.

Ron Bowman

August 9, 2019

Love your wit, writings, and thoughts! You are indeed very gifted!


August 9, 2019

Lovely thoughts, Martha. Forced to take the lowly 27N thru TN to KY we were amazed that we could hear bird song through a cracked window. Turning off the radio and cracking the windows further, we enjoyed our drive as we wound through the hills and mountain towns. Green trees seemed to dance through growing shadows as breezes lifted their leaves from light to dark, and the sun speckled woods floors gave way to the soft light of evening. The birds trilled and sang us northward until it was their nesting time. It made for such a pleasant interlude during our long trip that we took that route on our return and extended it all of the way to Chattanooga. We'll be taking more back road routes in the future just to hear the birds sing.

Jeff Tallackson

August 8, 2019

Lovely thoughts very well put, love your work.

Susie Williams Taylor

August 8, 2019

All of your musings give me pause to thoughts I probably wouldn’t have had without reading Dogwood Daughter today. Thank you Martha!