A fan wrote me, "Where can I purchase some of these songs?"  Well, the truth is, I've been lazy about putting songs up for sale.  As I told her, I love writing, composing and making music, but I'm not crazy about trying to market or publicize anything, probably because I don't really know how.

She also wanted to know how she could purchase without using PayPal.   She lit a fire under me.  I started investigating options and discovered Bandcamp.  With Bandcamp, I can add a little download widget for a particular song anywhere and it not only takes PayPal but credit cards too.  

So, I'm slowly getting some of the more requested songs available for Bandcamp purchase right on the Listening Room Page.  Yea!  For simplicity's sake, I'm making downloads a dollar minimum, instead of 99 cents.  But, the pay what you like option is available too…in case an unknown benefactor decides he or she wants to gift a small artist with a larger sum.  

Bandcamp is easy to use and is a secure site.  Look for song titles that invite you to click to buy.  After you click on the song title, a page will open and you'll see a Bandcamp widget that looks something like this.  Notice that you can either Buy or Share.  Sharing doesn't cost a penny and your one little share will help me so much!  So please do me the favor of sharing when you find something you like.    

Please take a look at the new Bandcamp widgets, tell me what you think and above all, share, share, share!  I'm a very small independent artist with no marketing department other than myself and YOU, my site visitors.  As always, listening to the entire track is totally free.  Thanks for your help!     

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