From the recording The Story in Your Eyes

I wrote this for my husband, Bob Fowler.  I'll never forget the first time I looked into his wide, clear, and frank blue eyes.  I was fourteen years old. 
I still love the story in his eyes.  He is the love of my life!
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I can read the story in your eyesYour eyes are very wise and kindI can see who you areAnd look deep in your heartI can read the story in your eyesCan you read the story in my eyes? I'm yours, I give you all my lifeTo have and to holdNow you won't be aloneYou're a part of the story of my lifeBridgeThe years may come and goAmd many things will changeBut the stories that our eyes tellWill always stay the sameI'll look for your eyes firstIn the early morning lightAnd let them be the last thing I seeBefore I have to dieI'll always love your eyesRepeat first verseAnd I love the story in your eyesI can read the story in your eyesAnd I love the story in your eyescopyright martha maria