From the recording Unlucky Dogwood Tree

There's a legend in our mountains, so beautiful in the spring with blooming dogwoods, that Jesus was crucified on a dogwood cross. Ever since I was little, I've wondered about the other players in the crucifixion...poor Judas, the carpenter who made the cross, the soldiers and jailers, and yes, even the unfortunate tree from which the cross was made. Were their parts written in the book, so to speak, from before they were born? And why, except for the grace of God, was I not among those unfortunates? This song came to me while I was walking last week. But truly, it is the result of a life time of pondering fate and destiny, luck....whatever, and still not understanding it.


Unlucky was poor Judas Whose fate was to betray Our Savior with a friendly kiss And then himself to hang Unlucky were the cruel guards Who mocked him with such scorn Who put a scepter in his hand And crowned him king with thorns Unlucky were the soldiers Who gambled for his coat And those who nailed him to the tree As prophets had foretold
Unlucky was the carpenter Who made our Savior's cross I wonder did he count his wage As gain or as a loss I pity the poor dogwood Unluckiest of trees For it was on a dogwood cross Christ died for you and me Unlucky was the dogwood The saddest of all tress Once tall and straight, strong as iron Now stunted, small and weak I pity the poor dogwood Unluckiest of trees