<a href="http://dogwooddaughter.bandcamp.com/track/kissing-the-man-in-the-moon" mce_href="http://dogwooddaughter.bandcamp.com/track/kissing-the-man-in-the-moon">Kissing the Man in the Moon by Dogwood Daughter</a>
When I first started composing this, I thought of it as a lullaby without words for my Lily Cat Music for Kids label.  But, after I finished it, it seemed more like a lush, romantic lullaby for grown ups.  I knew that the title had to be something about moon light.  The image of a floating moon was in my mind the whole time I worked on it.  But then I saw this wonderful vintage graphic of the girl kissing the moon and I knew immediately that the title was 'Kissing the Man in the Moon.'