From the recording Bike Taxi, Paris

 After walking most of the day and being on our feet for several hours at the Musee d' Orsay, we decided to get a taxi to the Eiffel Tower.....a bike taxi.  
Traffic in Paris is crazy.  I'm not sure who has the right of way, nor am I sure the drivers know either.  We approached a bike taxi, as cars were whizzing by.  How much to the Eiffel Tower, Bob asked.  'Twenty euros,' was the reply.
"I'm not sure this is safe,"  I whispered to Bob.  "It's not, he said, but we're in Paris."  The driver, either overhearing or sensing my anxiety said, "Not to worry.  I am the best driver." '
Well, he was a great driver. Also very charming and good looking.  He told us he was originally from Madrid, had a cousin studying in the U.S. and hoped to come to the U.S. one day himself.  He got us to the Eiffel Tower in one piece, we exchanged cards and took photos.  Francois's bike taxi was one of the highlights of our beautiful Saturday in Paris.