Nice is situated right on the Mediterranean, in Provence.  It was the first place Bob and I stayed in France.  
We stayed at the Hotel Massena, which is right on the main square, also called Massena.  
The weather was perfectly glorious, sunny and just a little cool.  The Marc Chagall Museum is in Nice and it alone was worth the trip for me.  We also visited the Matisse Museum and after viewing Matisse's paper cuttings up close, I think he was truly a magician, transforming the most ordinary material into sublimely beautiful compositions.


Un petite dejunea is the way to start the day
Sit in the cafe, watch the world go by
The parade's so very fine!
The mademoiselles are pretty
The monsiers are handsome too
Everything's tres belle in Nice
Oh yes, oui, oui, beaucoup
After a croissant, perhaps a little stroll
Along the Promenade, the one they call Anglais
The water's cool, not cold, at least that's what I'm told
There's always some brave soul, swimming in the shallows
Near the rocky shore, even in November
Oh, Nice is VERY nice!
The sun, the beach, the wine
The statues in the square, and people everywhere
Laughing with their friends, sitting in cafes
I'm awfully glad I came, I wish I could have stayed!