From the recording The Sisters of Beaune

On the way to Paris, we stopped in the small town of Beaune (pronounced 'Bone') to visit the Hotel Dieu, a 'Palace for the Poor' built in the 1400s and operated as a hospital, by nuns, from its founding in the 15th century until 1971.  Bob snapped the picture of me in front of the Hotel Dieu.  The roof is made of glazed tiles.  
After the tour, I climbed back on the bus, and in the next couple of hours on the way to Paris, I wrote and composed this song, on my ipad.  
I have many photos of Beaune.  I will be sharing them later on the website, with other photos I took in France.  It will take a while, however, for me to go through all of them (I took over 1,500 pictures) and resize them for the website.
I had never been to France.  How blessed I was to go on this trip!  EVERYTHING in France is beautiful.  I found inspiration everywhere.  And the French people were ALL perfectly lovely and kind to me.  
Need I mention the food? the bakeries?  I have not stepped on the scale since I've been back!



If you are unwell in body or soul
Be not afraid, for you aren't alone
The poor and downtrodden, the sick and the old
Are all welcome here, so come in from the cold
Come to the sisters, the sisters of Beaune

Angels of Mercy, Sisters of Beaune
Here you'll find refuge, healing and hope
Food for the body, balm for the soul
All freely given by the sisters of Beaune

Sisters of mercy, angels on earth
Give rest to the weary and nurse the infirm
Good Christian women doing God's work
Bring them your burdens, your sorrows, your hurts


They ask for nothing
You won't have to pay
Good Samaritans all
They turn no one away


copyright 2012, Martha Maria, Dancing Rabbit Music Publishing