A Lizard Called Margarita

Yesterday, the sun was hot on the garden wall and the lizards were back, sunbathing, running helter skelter, chasing each other in and out of the cracks in the old concrete.

"Ah," I thought.  "It's really summer now. The lizards are awake."  It's hot too. Only April and the afternoon temperatures are already climbing into the 80s.  It's looking like we might have another record breaking heat this summer.

As I've mentioned before, we live in a rain forest: lizards and all kinds of other critters are abundant around here.  You can't be squeamish and live in the woods like we do.

Sometimes the lizards even make it into the house.  How?  Who knows.  I guess through the tiny cracks around the door and window frames.  This is an old, leaky house.

I don't really mind the occasional lizard in the house;  they're harmless.  I draw the line, however, at snakes, and yes, we've had a couple of snakes in the house over the years.  Although it's been nearly a decade, I still put my boots on every time I venture into the laundry room.  And I haven't set foot in the bomb shelter for years and I don't intend to: I'm pretty sure there are snakes in there. 

But, getting back to the lizards: a couple of years ago, a lizard got in my studio.  Every time I walked in and saw her, I shrieked a little...scaring the bejeezus out of her I'm sure.  I tried catching her several times, but never could.  (As an aside, I wonder what she found to eat in there.)  Finally, I gave up and decided that she had chosen me for a friend and room mate and I named her Margarita. 

That's how my little lizard friend Margarita, the blue tailed lizard, became the inspiration for a suite of playful little piano pieces I called Blue Tail Bagatelles. 

As always, I ask you to please share Dogwood Daughter and Lily Cat Music for Kids with others.  I'm an indie artist with no advertising other than word of mouth from kind people like you.  Thank you. 

Enjoy.  Be Well and Good Luck, Martha Maria

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