A Poem for the Living

A few months back, a friend, younger than myself, lost her husband.  He died as the result of a medical accident.  Her mother asked me if I would write a poem for her daughter. 

Later that morning, as I walked up and down our circle, these words came to me.  It seems fitting on Memorial Day to post a poem for the living who grieve the dead.  Whether we lose someone we love from accident, war, disease or old age, we all, eventually, grieve someone.  We immortalize them in our memories.  

I don't have any words

To soothe your aching heart

If there are words of comfort

I don't know what they are

And even though we all know

A truth, it's hard to face:

The tragedy of living is

That life is never safe

Our earthly journey's brief

We're spirits clothed in dust

Traveling to we know not where

Immortalized by love

I hope you have a good Memorial Day and that you and your kin are immortalized by love.  That's all I hope for in this life.

Be well and good luck,

Martha Maria 

copyright 2012

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