An Act of Kindness - Guest Blog from Melanie Reynolds Heiberg

This is a guest blog from my Facebook friend Melanie Reynolds Heiberg.  I read her story and asked her if I could publish it as a guest blog on Dogwood Daughter.  Melanie graciously said 'yes.'  Thanks, Melanie, both for the inspiring example and for permitting me to share it here.  

I was at the General Dollar a few days ago, standing in line behind a mom and her teenage son. She was buying what looked like a box of cereal, 2 cans of soup and some light bulbs. She scanned her debit card and it kept on denying it. I felt bad as I am sure many of us have run low before pay day and know what that's like. She looked embarrassed and tried searching for another form of payment in her wallet. After a moment she looked up at her teenage son and told him "sorry we just can't get it".

I just so happened to have found money I had hidden in my drawer the day before and not a clue as to why I had done it. I asked the cashier how much it was and I said I would pay. The look on the mom's face was one of great surprise. I told her to just pay it forward and that I know it will come back to me as it always does. She was very thankful and promised to do just that.

I had the distinct feeling that what was in that bag was all her son would be eating that night and in the morning. There must be some kind of Cosmic Draw with me and the General Dollar!  

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  • Susie Wms. Taylor
    Susie Wms. Taylor
    Just an awesome gesture! In fact, Melanie IS awesome in her own right~

    Just an awesome gesture! In fact, Melanie IS awesome in her own right~

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