Arctic Autumn: Iceland

When I travel, I always carry a notebook and end up writing lots of music and poetry.

Arctic Autumn is a suite for solo piano I composed while visiting Iceland in late September, 2016. What a marvelous country Iceland is!

In Iceland, my heart felt lighter. The peacefulness and beauty of the country is, I hope, reflected in the music.

I recorded these pieces in early 2017. However, like so much of what I do, I promptly forgot about them. I was reminded of them when a friend recently went to Iceland and shared her pictures. She got me to revisiting Iceland in my own mind. After listening to these little pieces again,I decided to publish them. Better late than never, right? I hope you enjoy them.


Arctic Autumn will be live on Spotify and Pandora in the nexxt few days. 

As always, I ask you to share Dogwood Daughter with someone else. I'm an indie artist with no advertising other than word of mouth from kind people like you. Thank you.


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