Big Girl and Her Little Friend

Well, dadgum!  My camera broke.   I guess I took my last photographs, at least for a while, last Sunday.


 I went to Norris with my husband, who is taking a photography class at the local college.  He needed to take some photos for a class assignment, so I tagged along and, with my unsophisticated little old Nikon (about ten years old?) I took a few photos while Bob snapped away with his big, fancy camera.  


I'm not sure why Bob's taking a photography class.  He's already a great photographer.  In fact, he worked both as a professional news reporter and photographer for nearly 40 years.  But he's retired now, and says he wants not only to keep his skills sharp but to learn even more about digital photography and the various kinds of editing software.


I didn't get into photography until Bob surprised me with the gift of my small Nikon camera a few Christmases ago.  As usual, he knew me better than I knew myself.  I had never even thought about taking pictures, but photography quickly became another one of my passions.  


Here's the last picture I snapped last Sunday.

I call this photograph Big Girl and Her Little Friend.  The Big Girl is, to quote someone in the news of late, YUUUUGE, but so gentle.  She's an enormous, beautiful dark mare who likes to sidle right up next to you and rub her big black face right next to yours.  Her little friend, the white pony, wasn't nearly as trusting.  Stand offiish, yet curious, is more his style.  I had the feeling that he wanted to stay close to his big black girl friend and make sure the two legged strangers who had wandered into their pasture did her no harm. 


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Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria 


  • Susie Williams Taylor
    Susie Williams Taylor
    I have missed you!

    I have missed you!

  • Sharon Waters
    Sharon Waters
    I love this picture, Martha! It's beautiful!

    I love this picture, Martha! It's beautiful!

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