Blue Tail Bagatelles

A few weeks ago, a blue tail lizard took up residence in my studio. At first, I jumped and screamed every time I saw him, which was every time I walked in. But after a while, I got used to him and decided maybe he was my friend. On a whim, I wrote a little piece for my new lizard friend. And then another, and another until I had a lovely little suite of trifles. Hence, the title: Blue Tail Bagatelles.

As I wrote these little lizard bagatelles, I intentionally wrote them as 'flash' pieces. What do I mean by 'flash'? I took my cue from the new literary genre known as 'flash.' 'Flash' literature is very, very short literature, like maybe 500, 700 or 1000 words. It's increasingly popular, especially on line. There are websites devoted entirely to 'flash' literature. Short doesn't mean poor quality, however. No, indeed. In fact, in 'flash' literature, every word takes on increased significance. When there are few words, each one must carry weight and nuance.

That's the approach I took to these little 'flash' bagatelles: my intention is for each to be a tiny jewel. I think I've succeeded. They seem to delight everyone who hears them: old people, young people and especially children. Fans have mentioned that they like listening to them in the car while commuting or carpooling. They're great to listen to while cooking dinner, folding laundry, taking a bath, doing yoga. Most of all, people tell me that my 'Blue Tail Bagatelles' make them feel happy. And THAT makes me happy! 'Happy music' is GOOD music. Enjoy!

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Be Well and Good Luck,
Martha Maria

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