Day 3-Hydrocodone, Hunger and Ferris Wheels

My appetite has returned, at least for ginger snaps and chocolate. I relented and took the hydrocodone late yesterday afternoon and immediately fell into deep sleep.  I took it again around 10:30 and gratefully slept through the night.

I feel better this morning.  The pain is not nearly as intense, the swelling and fever in the leg have diminished and I only have a slight drug hang over.  

I'm also ravenous.  Ravenous for chocolate, ginger snaps, roasted pecans and black coffee.

Bob says I'm sure to be getting a little stir crazy by tomorrow and he'll take me to Krogers where I can ride around in one of those little motorized shopping carts.  "Oh boy," I said.  "That'll be better than a ferris wheel!"

Now I'm thinking about the old ferris wheel that used to be in the downtown shopping center when I was a little girl in the 1950s.  Not only a ferris wheel, but a 'Merry Mixer' and Merry-Go-Round too.  Our little downtown was a hopping place back then.  Now, like so much of Oak Ridge, it's shuttered and dead.

Downtown Shopping Center, Oak Ridge, 1960s

I'm tentatively scheduled for surgery next Thursday.  The surgeon gave me a good prognosis: a likely 20% loss of movement in the leg and a 100% chance of developing post traumatic arthritis.  Sort of what I expected.  I know from past experience that although the body desperately wants to get well, it cannot ever entirely forget an insult or injury.


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Be Well and Good Luck!  (and be careful!) 

Martha Maria 

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