Hidey Hole

Hidey Hole

When I was a little girl, I used to like to drape old  blankets and quilts over the picnic table and benches in the back yard and make a sort of tent.  Then I'd crawl inside and enjoy the feeling of being safely hidden from the rest of the world.  Sometimes when my mother washed the sheets and hung them out on the clothesline to dry in the sun, I did the same thing.  I'd make a sort of nest in between the sheets.  I loved the feeling of being temporarily apart and hidden from the rest of the world.  


Who amongst us hasn't longed for our own little safe place to hide?   There are still days when all I want to do is close and lock the door, pull the curtains and hide under my blanket. Days when I don't want to leave the house and hassle with traffic:  when I don't feel like talking to anyone:  when I feel like I'll scream if I hear one more piece of bad news: when I I wish someone else would cook and clean up the kitchen, do the laundry and go to the bank and grocery store.   When all I want is to quietly disappear in a hole and left alone to just BE.


That feeling of needing a place to hide was the impetus for my song, "Hidey Hole."  I know I'm lucky.  I live in a wooded area with a lot of space and privacy.  In many ways, my litttle studio behind the house IS my hidey hole, my little retreat, where I'm free to think, create and just be....sometimes for many hours at a time. And I thank my husband for that.


For me, making music has not meant making money.  But right now,  it feels like my calling and my husband respects that and even keeps me up financially without making me feel guilty.  Thank you, Bob Fowler. You really are the wind beneath my wings.   And I also need to thank my mother, albeit posthumously.  It is in large measure because of her frugality that I was afforded a musical education early in life and had the necessary funds to build my little studio last year.  So thank you, Mommy Jean. 


You can hear "Hidey Hole" on my Music page.  It's available on the Digital Downloads page on Reverbnation. 

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Be Well and Good Luck, Martha Maria   

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