Just Back From Ireland

I'm just back from a magical two weeks in Ireland, the Emerald Isle and the land of 50 shades of green.

 Ever since I've been back, my mind has been flooded with new melodies.  Every time I recall a place I visited, I find myself humming a new little melody, which for me, epitomizes my feelings and impressions of place.  I will be posting lots of pictures of my trip and new music in the next couple of weeks.  I must have taken a thousand photos!

 Oh!  Good news!  Several people have asked me to produce a physical cd (instead of just downloads on iTunes, Amazon, etc.) So, my good friend Seva, who is a master engineer, is mastering my new cd right now.  

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter and Passover.  Be well and good luck!


P.S.  Listen for Dogwood Daughter on Radio Kerry, Killarney, Ireland! And though I LOVED being in Ireland, there's NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  I'm so happy to be back with my family, dog, friends and not least of all, my own bed and yes, even my kitchen.  I also picked up lots of ideas for new recipes while I was in Ireland.  The food was to die for, especially the soups and the ice cream.

More later.  And thanks to my wonderful friends and their good wishes for a safe and happy journey.  It was, it was!   

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