Kissing the Man in the Moon (and other news)

I know it's spring because I'm sitting in my studio and a bumble bee is noisily buzzing around the place while I write.  I've been writing a lot lately.  I'm taking a writing class on line with Sheila Bender through the Story Circle Network.


I've never taken a course on line before but I'm glad I signed up for Sheila's!  After just two weeks, I feel like I've already benefited both from her instruction and the feedback from her and my fellow students.  


Everyone in the class is working on memoir.  Our assignment last week was to write a lyric poem.  I wrote three but only turned one in.  All were based on memories mined from my five year old mind.  


This week, we're working on prose poems.  Prose poems?  Until this week, I didn't even know there was such a thing.  I've already written five of those.  After I sit with them for a little while, maybe I'll share a couple here on my website.  


Meanwhile, here's a new little piano piece I wrote.  It's sort of a lullaby without words.  When I composed it, I intended it for an album of lullabies for my Lily Cat Music for Kids label.  But after I recorded it, I decided it really was more suited to adults than children.  It's called "Kissing the Man in the Moon."  


Here it is.  For the next week, I'm making it a no minimum download fee required;  in other words, it's free, as my gift to you.  


Please tell somebody about Dogwood Daughter today.  It's easy to hit the little blue 'share' button at the bottom of the page or just e-mail the link.  I appreciate it! 

 Be Well and Good Luck,  Martha Maria  


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