Lily Cat's Very Good Day "What I love is that Lily Cat music is fabulous for all ages."

Finally, after all these years, I'm making and releasing two physical CDs.  The first one out will be for my childrens' music label, Lily Cat Music for Kids.

I honestly think that this album is my best work.  I don't know why it took me so long.

I first started thinking about recording childrens' music nearly thirty years ago when I taught music at Fort Sanders Developmental Center in Knox County.  Finding quality recordings for children back then was frustrating! So much of the childrens' music on the market then (and now, frankly) was garbage that was hard for me, as an adult, to listen to.  "Children and their parents deserve better,"  I thought. 

With Lily Cat Music for Kids, it is my intention to produce quality music for children that is intended not JUST for children, but for the adults in their lives as well.  I think I have succeeded!  As a fan wrote to me last week,  "What I love is that Lily Cat music is fabulous for all ages."


The album is currently being mastered in Nashville.  I hope to have it out and ready to deliver by June 1.  If you want one, drop me an e-mail at  In the subject line, please write, "Lily Cat's Very Good Day."  Ask me to add you to the Lily Cat e-mail list and I'll be in touch with details as soon as the album is ready to ship.

It will also be available for internet download at iTunes, Amazon and all the other major music outlets on  line.

As always, i ask you to do me the favor of telling someone else about Dogwood Daughter.  As a small, indie artist, I'm completely dependent on word of mouth advertising.  Every share helps me so much and I am sincerely grateful.  

 Thanks.  Be Well and Good Luck, Martha Maria 

Here is the album art work.  



And here is a listening sample, the opening track, titled "This is God's Big World."  



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