Long Lost Friends

In the world I used to know

I heard many stories told

By wind and rain, trees and grass

Birds and clouds, my dolls and cats

Even rocks were so alive

Imbued with spirit, breathed and sighed

And I was tuned to every voice

That droned and hummed with joyful noise

I was never lonely then

I walked amongst a host of friends

All Creation was my kin

I'd like to find that world again 

I need to hear those long lost friends



I like to walk on Frozen Head Mountain.  That's where I'm most likely to hear the voices of my old friends, the wind and the trees and the gurgle of living water.  I NEED to walk on Frozen Head Mountain this weekend, to reconnect with the earth, sky and myself.  

I hope you find your old friends this weekend too.

Be well and good luck.


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