My husband was at City Hall this morning.  While there, a City employee remarked to him, "I see you sent your wife to take notes for you yesterday."

She was referring to the City Council work session I attended yesterday afternoon.  Let's get one thing straight:  

I did not take a single note!

 In fact, I did not even have pen, pencil or paper in my hand.  The only thing I took out of my purse during the entire meeting was a protein bar, which I offered to the fellow sitting on my left whose stomach was growling.

 And just for the record, I count that same fellow who was hungry yesterday as a friend. We graduated from Oak Ridge High School together and he is a man for whom I will always have affection.  Typically he and I see City politics differently, but I don't care.  As I told him, I know what sterling qualities he has and he will always have a place in my affections.

 More importantly, I hope that people of good will can see political issues differently while maintaining civility, affection and respect for one another.

Why did I attend that City Council work session yesterday?  Well, I'm an old Oak Ridger.  My parents came here during WWII, I was born here in 1952, and I plan on dying here.  Unlike many relative new comers, I'm not planning on leaving Oak Ridge.  I'm here for the long haul.

I love my home town and as a community, we're confronting a lot of challenges and changes.


I want the best for my little town, as I'm sure my (hungry) friend does.  We just happen to disagree at present on what the best outcome on a particular issue would be.  

My interest in City government, especially of late, as it gets a little too interesting (you know that old Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times!') has nothing to do with my husband or his work:  he's the local Knoxville News Sentinel reporter.  

My husband does not need or want my help, nor do I want to help or influence his news reporting. When and if I decide to take notes at a public meeting, you can be assured, it will not be for my husband, but rather for my own blog or a manuscript I've been working on for some time now about life, past and present, in this unique little Secret City.  

As always, if you find anything here that makes your heart sing or even makes you jump and shout, please do me the favor of sharing the link.  I'm an indie artist with no advertising other than word of mouth.


Watch for digital release of my new album of nocturnes for solo piano next week.  For those of you who suggested names for the album, my sincere thanks.


You can now stream Dogwood Daughter on Spotify Radio.  Lily Cat Music for Kids is on Pandora, Spotify and Radio AirPlay.  


Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria 

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