My Country, Your Country, Our Country

I love the American melting pot.  We are Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Agnostics, Buddhists, Atheists, Wiccans and probably a lot of other religions that I've never even heard of.  But we're all Americans, one nation, under God, and INDIVISIBLE, though some would try to divide us for their own political ambitions.


 I'm proud of our leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, who have reminded us today that patriotic Americans come in all stripes, colors and religions.  


I wrote this song, titled My Country, Your Country, Our Country,  two or three years ago.  As I listened to the news this evening, with so much loose talk about banning Muslims from the U.S., I revisited this song.  


Oak Ridge is a multi-cultural town and there have always been people here of many religions, including Muslims. Over the years I've found them to be good Americans, kind neighbors and friends, and fellow Boy Scouts to my sons.  The rash of anti-Muslim talk today has made me feel sad.  


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