My Perfect Day

Yesterday, March 15, was my birthday.  And because of the love and generosity of my husband and two adult sons, it was a perfect day.


The day started off with a kiss and a box of tea cakes from my husband and so, what the hell?  I ate the breakfast of champions: black coffee, tea cakes and dark chocolate.  


Then I slathered on some sun screen and my husband and I headed out for a walk.  It was a warm, fine morning and we walked in the woods on the Greenbelt in Oak Ridge, which was another milestone for me:  the first time I've braved a hiking trail in the woods since my leg injury in September.  How glorious it felt!  I have missed the woods.  


 The woods yesterday.  The weather was spring like, but you can see, the woods still look like winter here. 


Next, out to lunch with my husband and sons, the three people in the world I most love and with whom I always feel loved.  My son, Joseph, insisted on telling the waitress it was my birthday and guess what!  Birthday girls get free cake and ice cream at Aubry's.  So I fell off the wagon again and ate warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Unfortunately, now that I know how delicious it is, I'll probably have to keep going back for more.


After lunch, Bob and I took off for the Little Ponderosa Zoo in rural Anderson County.  

Our official greeter



I love the Little Ponderosa!  It's a sweet little country zoo that takes in exotic animals with no where else to go and gives them a forever home.  It was my choice to spend my birthday there.  And a big thank you to James Cox, the owner, who insisted on comping my ticket and giving me a bucket of feed to share with the animals. He also unlocked the cabin for me.  Yes, there is a lovely old cabin on the place where Mr. Cox's mother was raised and I always like poking around, looking at the kitchen implements, gazing out the window and wondering what it felt like to live in that primitive little house so many years ago.  


This is George, who was rescued from a meth house.  George was mistreated by his former owners and needs quiet and calm.  


One of very many very friendly goats.  But watch your clothes.  Clothes are food to these guys!


Lots of ducks in the pond and creek



Bob looking out the cabin window


The family that lived in the cabin.  The oldest little girl is Mr. Cox's mother. 






The camel who made away with my feed bucket


The turkey who delighted in making himself very large


Birds in paradise


A satisfied sheep.  He looks the way I felt yesterday...just happy to be alive on such a glorious day!


I'm so glad I chose the Little Ponderosa for my birthday excursion. The weather could not have been more splendid and honestly, petting and feeding animals is good for the spirit.  


After the zoo, my husband (who I call 'the funnest man in the world') suggested we top off the afternoon with a quick stop at the Good Will in Clinton.  He knows me TOO well!  I can't resist a treasure hunt.  And of course, I did find a treasure or two:  books, what else?


Back in Oak Ridge, we stopped at Gold's gym, where I played and exercised a bit in the pool and Bob did his usual workout with the weights and on Jacob's Ladder.  Then we went to the Cafe at Books a Million for cupcakes.  


And at long last, after my perfect day, I came home, took a bath, ate two more tea cakes washed down with milk, and said, "Thank you for a wonderful birthday.  But now it's over.  Good night."  Then I climbed into my warm, snug bed and went to sleep feeling grateful and counting my blessings.  

Sixty three is going to be a very good year!


Be Well, Good Luck and please share Dogwood Daughter with someone else today.  I have no advertising budget, only word of mouth.  Thanks.  

Martha Maria 


  • Ron Bowman
    Ron Bowman
    Sounds like a wonderful day Martha. Very happy for you.

    Sounds like a wonderful day Martha. Very happy for you.

  • Susie Williams Taylor
    Susie Williams Taylor
    WoW! What a wonderful 63rd birthday. Absolutely perfect...I'm soo happy you were born.

    WoW! What a wonderful 63rd birthday. Absolutely perfect...I'm soo happy you were born.

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