Refugee From A Dream

Last week, I went to my high school reunion.  Many folks, I had not seen since high school graduation, some 42 years ago.

Reflecting on my classmates, our common past and how life has unwound for many of us (and, indeed, ended for some 58 souls who have already passed) I wrote this little poem:  Refugee From A Dream

I am a native of Fantasy Land

I'd like to go home, but there's not a chance

My train's been derailed, I've run out of gas

Refugee from a dream, is all that I am

I'm running on empty, lost and off track

I'm not broken yet, but fragile as glass

It's true, when you leave, there's no going back

No going home and life goes too fast

They say 'you can't go home again.'  Well, I still live in my home town.  I married my high school sweetheart and we live in the house in which he was raised.  But, after having gone to my high school reunion last weekend, I realize how poignant that expression really is.

Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria

copyright 2012

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