Star Gazing

My father was an amateur astronomer.  He made his own telescope and spent many hours out in the yard at night star gazing and making notes on his ever present index cards.  

I also spent a lot of time out in the yard, star gazing with him when I was a little girl.  I don't know if I just wanted to be with Daddy or if I felt semi-coerced to feign greater interest in astronomy than I actually had.   But now, without ever having owned a telescope (Daddy gave his telescopes and books to a boy scout troop when his interest in astronomy waned) I find that I also am a star gazer, one who enjoys walking at night with her eyes on the sky, silently naming constellations and stars to herself.  

My life is much enriched by my knowledge of the heavens and their constellations.  I am charmed not only with the beauty on display in the heavens, but also by the picturesque and often melodious names of the constellations.  I love the myths and stories about the gods, animals and heroes for whom the stars are named.

In the summer sky, we inhabitants of the northern hemisphere are treated to the magnificent Summer Triangle, populated by The Eagle, The Swan (Cygnus) and the Lyre.  Three of the brightest stars in the entire sky are found in the Summer Triangle:  Vega, Altair and Deneb.

The Summer Triangle is my favorite sight in the summer sky.  And of course, who could not love the superior beauty of the mighty hunter, Orion, who tracks across the winter sky?  I always feel that the seasons have truly shifted and that another year has inevitably slipped away when I spy Orion overhead in the fall.

Summer Triangle

I take my ragged blanket

And spread it on the grass

To sprawl beneath the stars

 And watch their lambent dance

The Swan triangulates

With the Eagle and the Lyre

Orbs gleam and glow and blaze

On curtains of sapphire

And the iridescent pearl

Of the solemn silver moon

Glides astride the Eagle's wings

Sublime, serene, aloof

In her halo of pale blue

How splendid is the pageant

That plays above my head

The wonders of the universe

Are great and I am blessed

For I have as many stars as the rich man

Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria 

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