The Last Twilight


The Last Twilight

In the last twilight
Of once Eden earth
Let us bear witness
Each one in his turn

Sift through the ashes
Of all that's destroyed
Witness the twilight
Of man's final voyage

There's nothing new
Not under the sun
No place left to raid
The conquest is done

No more new worlds
They've all be explored
Exploited, polluted
Tortured by war

While people of faith
Uncertain or none
Sense that the twilight
Of mankind has come

Sometimes I wonder
Why I and my friends
Were born in the Twilight
To witness the end


I feel as if we are living in the last twilight of man's reign on this good earth.  Of course, as a native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, one of the three Manhattan Project sites where nuclear weapons were developed and manufactured, I've been haunted by the specter of nuclear annihilation all my life.

A nuclear war over Korea would be the logical conclusion to what our parents set in motion in this sad little Secret City way back in 1943.  Nuclear destruction is, I am convinced, an inevitable eventuality given the number of thermonuclear warheads that are stockpiled and maintained on hair trigger alert.  Even more troubling is the flawed nature of the people in whom we have vested decision making power.

I suppose as they churned out thousands of thermonuclear warheads, it did not occur to our fathers who were the scientists and engineers of America's nuclear weapons program, that there was no assurance that every Commander in Chief would be a responsible actor, much less a sane one.

As I write tonight, a third strike group is en route to Korea. With his petty, goading tweets, Trump is, I feel, attempting to provoke Kim Jong Un into a first strike.  I fear and evidence mounts that our Commander in Chief is not sane.  I only hope that Kim Jong Un IS sane, sane enough to resist the bait of the narcissistic, stubborn and stupid old man who currently occupies the Oval Office.

These are my opinions.  I have no interest in debating trolls or anyone else.  Be well, good luck and may the peace of the Lord be with us all.

Martha Maria 


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  • Susie Williams Taylor
    Susie Williams Taylor
    I always enjoy your writings....again, you're spot on! Thank you for sharing your love & your work!

    I always enjoy your writings....again, you're spot on! Thank you for sharing your love & your work!

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