The Merits of Silence

The merits of silence,  the rabble disdain

Babbling like heathen, they grouse and complain

So eager to judge and quick to condemn

Their gaze focused outward, alas, not within!

Casting stones without shame, while covered in sin

Their sonorous prayers clang pride and contempt

But what would He say?  What would Jesus do?

I leave that to others, I dare not presume



Okay, I admit, in my poem there actually IS some judgement:  judgement of those who presume to judge!  


 "Mea culpa, mea culpa

My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault."


All I can say is,  'Thank God for a forgiving God!'  We all need forgiveness, sooner or later.  Let us begin by forgoing judgement if we are able, and if we are not, by speedily forgiving each other.


And please,  if we are not able to stop ourselves from judging, let us begin by first focusing inward, on our own most grievous faults.  Amen.

Be well and good luck,

Martha Maria

copyright 2012, Martha Maria 

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