The Point Man


(I took this photo at an ancient graveyard in Ireland nearly three years ago when I went to Ireland for my 60th birthday)



"Lost time is never found again."   Benjamin Franklin


I got an e-mail from my friend, Colleen, last week in which she said that my blog posts of late seemed 'wistful.'  

Colleen's right.  I do feel wistful.  Perhaps it's winter, which seems all too long this year.  Perhaps it's the wobbly state of my leg which has never quite recovered from injury last September and I'm beginning to fear never will.  

Or perhaps it is my 63rd birthday, fast approaching:  Beware the Ides of March.

But more likely, I'm made wistful by the realization of how little time any of us really have and how much time I've wasted over my nearly 63 years.  

Certainly I wasted much of my youth.  Many do, hence the old saying, "Youth is wasted on the young."  How true that was in my case!  

And, as I told Colleen, I still waste time and I don't know why.  Why I ever turn on the TV or dip into Facebook, I don't know.  Neither are satisfying and yet I persist in doing both.  

I am mystified by my own profligacy.  On some level, I like so many of us in the industrialized world who are accustomed to the advances in modern medicine, suffer from the illusion of immortality.  I pretend that time still stretches long before me, when, in fact, it now stretches long behind me.  

And therein lies my own willful madness.  

The point man's life stretches long behind him

Time is a relentless foe, he thinks

It cuts to the quick

But everything's negotiable

Even the final jinx of the clock


And bathing himself in new laundered light

He plunges and dives into ravening night

Flashing and flailing, whistling and sailing

Dancing, he capers ablaze


He's a bold new morning star

Hear him call!  He's falling away

Careening, speeding toward madness

While life stretches long behind him


My Lily Cat Music for Kids album is selling steadily, albeit slowly, at CD Baby.  It is the work I am most proud of.  I have a sense that it was probably the work I was meant to do.  I invite you to listen to all the tracks (free streaming) at this link:  CD Baby  You can also find Lily Cat Music for Kids on Pandora Radio and Spotify.


I'm also delighted to report that Lily Cat Music for Kids' second album is now half way finished.  I love writing music and songs for children.  It has become my favorite thing to do and, I believe, is probably the most important work I will ever do.   


I ask you to do me the favor of please telling someone about Dogwood Daughter and/or Lily Cat Music for Kids today.  I'm an indie artist, a solitary soul, in the woods of East Tennessee.  I have no marketing or advertising budget; I depend on word of mouth from kind people like you.  Thanks! 

Be Well and Good Luck, 

Martha Maria 

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