The Power of Oft Repeated Lies (republished from May entries)

I hear a lot of oft repeated lies:  lies about where the President was born,  the danger that gay marriage poses to heterosexual marriage, the bias of the 'liberal media,'  the threat that feminists and the National Organization for Women pose to our nation's values,  Obamacare and so called Death Panels, and about a zillion other, divisive lies that are broadcast daily on radio, TV, and yes, shockingly, from some church pulpits!

 Words are very powerful, creative forces ("In the beginning was the Word" the Gospel of John)  Oft repeated, false words, even outrageous lies, come to be regarded as truth and create their own realities.

Since oft repeated lies have power,  I'd like to suggest that we change the narrative of our lies.  Here's a list of lies that I suggest we start repeating both privately and publicly.....and perhaps, they will become true. 

''We are a nation of peace lovers."

I love my neighbor as I love myself.

I wish to make sure that all children get all the benefits that my own children get.

We, as a nation, and I, as a citizen of that nation, regard all citizens of every color, social class and sexual orientation as being of equal value and worthy of equal civil rights.

I recognize and love all people all over the world as my sisters and brothers.  

I do not judge others because I do not wish to be judged.

I love Planet Earth and I do not use or take more than my share, but rather conserve and reuse in order to leave more for future generations.

These are just a few of the lies that I would like to hear oft repeated, until they become true. 

How about you?  

Here's a little poem I wrote this morning, when I was thinking in this vein:



Tis better to lie

Than be unkind

Just say it:  I love you

And you may find

The words feel right

A lie's become the truth

Be well and good luck,

Martha Maria 

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