The Relentless March of Days

The other day, I read a piece in the Huffington Post which suggested that some of us who are alive today may live forever, as we evolve from homo sapiens to homo immortalis.  


And I could not help but wonder why anyone would WANT to live forever, at least here on this earthly plane.  


If our days were without number, would it not devalue each day that we have?  


As I age, I am increasingly aware that each day is precious, ever more so as my store of days diminishes.  


I suspect, however, that with unlimited days and years stretching before me, I would waste my days in unappreciative lassitude and laziness.  


No, truth be told, I am glad for the limit placed on my time here on earth.  It is the urgency of that limit which sets me to creative and productive work every day.


How well I know that I will never have enough time to finish every project, read every book on my list or experience every new place and adventure I would wish.  But I will make the most of every moment I am granted....until I am granted no more.



At Dusk

 Martha Maria, Aug. 3, 2012 

Voracious night devours sweet light

So ends a tender day


In liquid gold , the sky unfolds

The blush of dying rays


And I bear silent witness

To luminous, cosmic death


My span one day diminished

I close my eyes to rest


And pray for resurrection

In this world or the next


Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria 

copyright Martha Maria, 2012

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