The Spider's Tattoo

Sorry to have been absent from Dogwood Daughter for a few weeks.  I've had a series of unfortunate incidents in February that have kept me from doing much creative work.


Bob came home from Whistler at the beginning of February and brought us the Noro Virus.  Everyone in the house has had it now, with the exception of Joe.  It's pretty horrible, but blessedly short lived.

Noro was followed by a cold.  Not a particularly big deal, more of an annoyance than anything else.  But, since I'm a singer, a cold does keep me from recording.  It typically takes my voice at least a week to recover from a cold.

And finally, and most terrifying, my thumb was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  Honestly, I don't know when I've been so scared.  For a couple of days, I thought it was entirely possible that I might lose my thumb.

 Thankfully, it's healing.  I got extremely good care at the University of Tennessee Hospital emergency room.  I cannot praise them enough. 

So now, I'm just plain washed out, run down physically and truthfully, exhausted by the anxiety of my thumb drama.  

I told my husband that damage to my hand would sorely test my equanimity but I would try to take it gracefully. There are left handed pianists, after all. 

Just last week, Bob met a woman who was born without arms and with only one leg.  She does everything with her foot.  He bought one of her paintings.  She is a lesson in courage for sure.  

So, given the troubles and trials that others have to confront on a daily basis, I count myself blessed.  I live comfortably, am well fed, surrounded by loving family and friends, and have much time to do my favorite things:  read, write and play music.


But YES!!!!!   I am so happy to have escaped my encounter with the spider without permanent damage....other than a likely scar.  

Oh well, I'll just call it 'the spider's tattoo.'   


Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria 

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