Three Angels - Renewed

Recently, I joined an on line salon of creatives where members are encouraged to explore unfamiliar (uncomfortable?) mediums of expression. 

 I'm comfortable with music.  I make music the way an apple tree makes apples: naturally.  Writing requires more effort.  It doesn't feel easy or natural but I do it the way some people work jigsaw puzzles.  I like to play with and try new word combinations.

Drawing or painting, however, are alien to me.  I have no natural aptitude for either.  So, last night, I went to the local hobby shop and bought water color pencils and a little notebook.  This morning, feeling a little bit scared, I sat down on the living room couch to try them out.

At first, I didn't know what to  do and stared at the blank page.  Finally, I decided to try drawing Three Angels.  Why?  Well, they have easily identifiable characteristics: halos, wings, and they wear long garb.  I figured I could make a stab at suggesting those characteristics without worrying about exacting perfection.  But I've been thinking about angels lately too, specifically, revisiting my old Three Angels Project which I still consider to be some of my best work. I've been listening to it myself occasionally when I do yoga or sometimes before I go to sleep. 


My new little angels picture is not great art, just my own small effort to be brave and try something new.



Here's the Angels in the House suite, seven little pieces which were inspired by the three angels who 'visited' me in the studio for one week a few years ago.  An abbreviated story of how I was introduced to these Three Angels is in the notes on the Bandcamp site. Just click the link on the player below and you'll get there.


Streaming entire tracks is completely free on the Bandcamp: no email sign up or any other hoop jumping required.



When I wrote and recorded these little pieces, they seemed to come from a source outside of myself. That's often the case when I compose.  I've heard other composers confess to similar feelings.  Sometimes it seems as if great melodies are discovered rather than composed. 

Question: Were there really three angels in the studio with me the week I composed this suite?  I don't know.  I'm still mystified by the experience myself.  I only know that something inspired me to effortlessly compose and record these little gems, one right after the other.  I felt indescribably at peace and happy while they were with me too.  Whether there were angels or not, I remain grateful for the gift of the music. 

And now, after doing my first little picture of my angels, I won't be afraid to pick up my colored pencils and sketch pad to piddle diddle next time. There's no judgement, only the joy of creating something new. I'm glad to have been given the suggestion to try stretching my wings and do something uncomfortable.  

We humans are all artists. I'm no more an artist than anyone else.  Our art is our lives, well lived, well loved. 

As always, I ask you to share Dogwood Daughter with someone else today.  I'm an indie artist with no advertising budget, just word of mouth from kind folks like yourself.  Thank you.

Be Well and Good Luck,

Martha Maria

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