Trillium (Do they look flagrantly erotic to you? They do to me!)

After a winter that seemed to linger cold and damp forever, glorious spring has finally arrived in the Cumberland Mountains!  The wild redbud and dogwood trees are in full flower and yesterday, most tellingly, while my husband and I walked, I spotted one of my favorite wild flowers, a trillium.  

You have to look hard for trillium.  They're not flashy in coloration.  Their three mottled green leaves blend inconspicuously into the surrounding foliage.   

I took a few photos of the one I spotted yesterday and I'm posting a couple of them here.  The flower had not yet opened.  You can see here that it's still tightly curled into a long, pointed tongue of a bud.  When it uncurls, its throat will be pale yellow.  

Yellow seems to be the most common color of trilliums around here, though I have seen a few white ones and fewer still of the deep, bloody red ones.  The red ones are my favorites; they look so unabashedly erotic!

I'm going hiking tomorrow and will take my camera.  If I find a red one, I'll snap a few photos and post them for you here.

This is the one I saw yesterday that was not yet opened.

I took this photo of one in full bloom last year.  I'm posting it just so you can see what their flowers looks like. 


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Martha Maria 

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