What's happened to strawberries?

Have you noticed that the berries that come from California keep getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER?  Does it seem to you that the bigger they get, the more tasteless they become?

I heard a story a couple of weeks ago on National Public Radio about how California strawberries are grown.  They nearly all come from one intensively farmed area and guess what!  Just about all the plants are clones!


Mickey's Produce on Jefferson Circle in Oak Ridge has been carrying Tennessee strawberries this spring.  I thought all the Tennessee berries  were gone, but Mickey's had more yesterday.

 There's nothing like the taste of a real strawberry grown in good old Tennessee dirt!  

Oh, I know, they're not nearly as BIG as those tasteless and cloned monstrosities from California.  Who cares?  Not me!  It's all about taste in my book.


Driving away from Mickey's yesterday, this little rhyme flitted through my head:

Those Golden State berries

Don't taste like they should

They're spongy and bland

And not any good

They're more manufactured

Than they are grown

I heard on the news

They all come from clones

Give me strawberries

That taste like the earth

Small, red and juicy

From Tennessee dirt!


Later this week, I'll write about Mommy Jean's company strawberry dessert.  It's delicious and makes a beautiful presentation as well.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend.

 Martha Maria 

copyright Martha Maria, June 2, 2012


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